March 7, 2022

These days students can be seen scolded by their parents for using android phones all the time. These days we can see teen students continuously operating their android phones, looking into their screens all the time and ignoring all the beauty around them. But is it true that android phones are only having disadvantages for teens as most parents assume? I don’t think so, as far as my opinion is concerned students have the complete right to choose their good and bad but the role of their parents and mentors is also very important. Schools are also very concerned about this issue for the betterment of the schools’ discipline. Therefore, when students are introduced with some new techniques of learning such as hybrid learning then they are given specific instructions about their mobile phones. Hybrid learning includes all kinds of facilitative mediums which can help students learn so it includes mobile phones also. ERP for schools supports induction of android phones as they have a lot of technological features. ERP for schools accepts that using android phones makes students technologically sound. So, here we can see that mobile phones for students are much more beneficial for them in almost every dimension of their academic life. So, let’s see the advantages of using mobile phones for students:

  • Mobile phones have a lot of benefits for the students these days. These days students have online learning as their utmost guide in every topic and subject. When students study online then they need a device which can make connections with their tutor online and can make them efficient enough to have video conferencing and audio lectures. Every student can’t afford a desktop or laptop so they become able to study online and gather study materials of their course through their android mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones these days are the best mediums for the students to gather information and knowledge about anything. Students are eligible enough due to the presence of android phones to gather knowledge of anything and are no more dependent on teachers only for the information. Earlier the teaching and learning was based on teacher centred method of education, but nowadays students are liberal to learn and to gather knowledge via online learning from various updated sources.
  • Gadgets have become so advanced these days that they have started to manage many tasks of daily routine life. One of them is time management. Android phones have started to manage many things in any student’s life. For example, students have started to put alarms in their mobile phones regarding their time table of study or rising early in the morning. Now they don’t have to worry about forgetting their important tasks. Now, they can put reminders in their mobile phones which remind them to accomplish those tasks in time.
  • Mobile phones are the fastest mediums these days in the hour of need. So, these days students can feel safe and parents can take a sigh of relief that their child can contact them whenever he or she needs help. Apart from that, students get a lot of different kinds of help from mobile phones such as if students are in any new city, they are unaware of, they can search any place with help of various location finder apps. There are several apps through which parents can locate their child if they have android phones. In any kind of natural calamity students can contact their parents and give them the information of their well-being.
  • Now students don’t need to keep heavy books of 500-600 pages. These days students download pdf of such books or novels and can read from them in a jiffy and also, they can find the correct page in that pdf without spending too much time. With the help of mobile phones students can study from anywhere and anytime that too 24×7. Students can get study materials and stuff related to their curriculum by just having an android phone and internet connection in them.
  • Apart from learning and gathering information students also need entertainment. Being human, they can’t study all the time. Their minds also get tired and they also need rest as well as a cheerful environment to recharge themselves. So, when students feel tired, they can watch cartoons on mobiles phones or can play any video game they like. Nowadays traditional and old games like ludo, chess and many more are available online.
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